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A Perfect Introduction Into Gorgeous Lashes Everything You need to get started!

"It doesn't get any more subtle" Set

Natural & elegant

Ideal for beginners

£146.00 £117.00

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Our "It doesn't get any more subtle" set includes:

  • 1x Dina
  • 1x Laila
  • 1x Applicator Pro

This set also includes two eyeliner sets for you to choose from:

  • 1 #Couture Eyeliner Black (Enough for 2-3 months supply)
  • 1 #Magic Eyeliner Black Strong (Enough for 2-3 months supply)


  • 1 #Couture Eyeliner Black (Enough for 2-3 months supply)
  • 1 #Couture Eyeliner Transparent (Enough for 2-3 months supply)

Yes, and best of all, you'll save yourself a ton of money!


Handmade, high quality, 3D vegan eyelashes: Angelina and Laila; Handcrafted, high quality, 3D mink eyelashes: Arielle; High quality eyelash applicator designed by makeup professionals. Filigree and yet robust with a perfectly shaped design. Ingredients Magic Eyeliner Black Strong: Water (Aqua) • Acrylates Copolymer • Propylene Glycol • D&C Black No.2 (CL77266) • Ipon Powder • Ethylhexyl Glycerin • Phenoxyethanol; Ingredients Magic Eyeliner Transparent Strong: Water (Aqua) • Acrylates Copolymer • Propylene Glycol • Ipon Powder • Ethylhexyl Glycerin • Phenoxyethanol Clinically tested and suitable for sensitive eyes


Application time: 2 minutes

With this guideline you will be an eyelash PRO in no time 😊

1) Apply some powder or matting eye shadow on your eyelid so that it does not get greasy and your eyelashes keep perfectly on your eyelid.

2) Curve your own eyelashes so curve as beautifully as your CV Beauty eyelashes.

3) Apply a layer of mascara to your own eyelashes if your own eyelashes are light (so there will be no difference to your own eyelashes).

4) Open the eyelash box and pull the white thread to take your eyelashes out.

5) Carefully loosen the eyelash with tweezers at the outer edge. There may be adhesive residue on the eyelashes, this is applied for transport purposes, please carefully remove this residue with your fingertips.

6) The eyelash band always has an excess length so that it fits every eye. Therefore, please clamp the eyelashes into the applicator first and measure them on the eye. In many cases it is sufficient to shorten half a finger width on both sides. Then measure again and if you have to shorten more, take away a little more. This step is THE MOST IMPORTANT! Because if the band is too long, it gets to much pressure and can come loose on the ends. Likewise, if the tape is too long, the ends can become scratchy, especially on the inner end. Beginners should measure more often and cut off little bits so there are no problems later. Once you know your length, you don't need to measure anymore and immediately cut away the surplus part!

7) Shake Magic Eyeliner Black or Transparent for at least 10 seconds to allow the liquid to mix perfectly. Please store your Magic Eyeliner at room temperature. Always close your Magic Eyeliner after use on each eye, otherwise it dries out.

8) Comfortably draw a line on the first eye in front of a magnifying mirror or a pocket mirror (preferably while sitting).

9) It is important to draw the eyeliner in a line without spaces so that your eyelashes can fuse perfectly with your Magic Eyeliner. Close Magic Eyeliner immediately so it can't dry out!

10) Now clamp your eyelashes in the applicator PRO and aim at the eyeliner from top to bottom (elbow should be up, then you're doing it right) with your eyes open and remove and press the eyelashes.

11) Fasten the lash securely at both ends so that the ends do not come loose.

12) Finally, take your eyelash applicator and clamp the eyelashes and your own and press firmly together. Start from inside, then the middle and outside edges.

Total time: 64 seconds.

Repeat this process on your other eye. DONE!

Watch the video again and again as a small "helper" until you are a pro.

"It doesn't get any more subtle" Set Has a rating of 5.0 Stars based on 2 reviews.

Eyelashes without glue or magnets

It took us two years to develop a special formula that allows us to do without glue or magnets.


Our waterproof formula keeps all day long and doesn't smudge.

24 hours

With our innovative Magic Eyeliner, your Celine Victor eyelashes keep perfectly all day.

Up to 60 applications

No glue and no magnets mean significantly less mechanical stress and easier cleaning!


Eyelash extensions

Magnetic eyelashes

Up to 60 times


€0,66£0.55/ Application

€10,00£10.00/ Application

€2,50£2.50/ Application

No glue/magnets


Easily detachable

Attachment in 1 minute


1. Eyeliner

2. Eyelashes

3. 🔥

1. Lidstrich 2. Wimper 3. 🔥


"It doesn't get any more subtle" Set

£117.00 £146.00