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Mandy's Blog

I was always beautiful.

I knew that. And yet it was so hard for me to look into this painstakingly selected mirror matching the make-up table in my bedroom.

This used to be my little wellness oasis, you know?

But life doesn't always go as planned and in 2011 pretty much everything changed.

I got sick. And as a result, unfortunately, a lot of my hair and eyelashes fell out and didn't grow back as nicely.

And here I am now. Looked in the mirror. And focused on the beauty that was still there - my skin, my eyes, my lips...

...because putting the focus on what was no longer there wouldn't have helped anyone, right?

But now you don't necessarily feel like being constantly asked about your hair loss, no eyelashes and the cause behind that...

So I started looking for alternatives!

Extensions were out of the question for me...

I didn't want permanently attached eyelashes that didn't allow proper care and that I had to wear even if I didn't like them. Individual hairs also fall out from time to time, so that after a few days it looks untidy, even unsightly.

I don't even want to talk about the cost at this point (unaffordable to me)..... 😏

The advertisements for mascaras promise fantastically beautiful and long eyelashes with volume, etc. But it was difficult for me to attach them when there were hardly any natural eyelashes left. And finally, I have to  say the wrong mascaras made sure that my few lashes kept breaking 🥺

So I thought, let's try sticking eyelashes on! As the name suggests, everything was sticky, fingers, face, I could hardly open my eyelids, but the eyelashes came still off after an hour 😩

That's how I felt on my best friend's wedding day.

Dress, hairstyle, make-up, everything was perfect 😊 But unfortunately I couldn't get my wish to have long, thick eyelashes that day. 🥺 I was terribly sad because I wanted to look "perfect".

Eyelashes with magnets sounded great too! The ad promised something magical... But nobody mentioned that the magnets felt so heavy on the eye that I removed the eyelashes after only 2 hours!!!!
Then earlier this year I came across an ad from Celine Victor on Facebook. 😊
It's hard for me to describe it, but somehow this moment was magical...

I liked Celine - the founder of CV Beauty - immediately, she is lovable, honest and authentic. A beautiful woman with a lot of charisma.

She also personally demonstrates each and every one of her eyelashes on the eyes in a short video clip. So you can get a great idea how the eyelashes look on your eyes. ♥️

Application is also explained in detail on the homepage for everyone to understand.
I felt comfortable on her website and ordered the subtle set with the eyelashes Dina, Angelina and Laila, the Magic Eyeliner in black and the Applicator Pro that very evening!

I was very excited and only two days later I held three beautiful sets of eyelashes in my hands 🥰🥰

Immediately I got down to business 😂 I chose Dina and I shortened them to 2.8 mm according to Celine Victor's specifications, and applied them...

My right eye is a bit smaller than the left one, so I had to shorten the lashes a little more!

Now it was time to shake the eyeliner well so that the liquid reaches the tip and draw the eyeline on my lids. That was done quickly, the shortened DINA was attached and off we went!

I'll never forget the sight 🥰 It immediately put a smile on my face...

Not only did it look fantastic to have thick and longer eyelashes, no, I felt like a completely different person 😍 soooo beautiful!

I quickly attached the second one and so we went shopping 😊 Of course I proudly presented my new acquisition and a friend promptly asked about my eyelashes. She was like, hey what do you have there, nice?

Of course I immediately told her about these fantastic eyelashes and how easy they were to apply... She said to me: "You have to tell me that once more in detail" and asked if she could try ONE right away?! We did it like before and she now wears my great eyelashes 🥰.

By the way, the eyelashes lasted all day until the evening.

After removing my make-up, I always put them back in their beautiful box, so they retain their beautiful shape. The box also has a mirror, which is super handy for applying on the go or just to check your makeup 😉.

Of course I wore the other two lashes at work the following days and what can I say, EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM is awesome!

Angelina is a bit denser and has a wider cotton band than Dina.

Laila, on the other hand, looks like 3D eyelashes, very natural, since your own eyelashes don't grow straight either.

I ordered Arielle and Mystique next, I just wanted more eyelashes. 🤩

Arielle is longer than Angelina and has a beautiful curve. This is great for me because it cleverly covers my droopy eyelids. 🥰

I could keep on raving about them forever, every lash is unique in its structure and fantastically beautiful!

Then there is another eyeliner, the Couture. This one has a brush, the Magic Eyeliner is more like a PEN.

The Couture draws very fine and precise lines and is more fluid. For this I need a little more time, the right light and a mirror.

With the pen (Magic Eyeliner) I would be brave enough to do it on the go and apply it, it's actually easier for me to use 😊

Both are available in black, transparent and recently also in brown! If you find it difficult to draw an eyeline, I would recommend the transparent ones, because nobody can see or notice if you make a mistake. 😉

You simply grab the eyelash between your  thumb and forefinger, hold it and remove it from the eye by pulling gently, put it back into its box and they are safely protected and ready to go for your next outing:

They last the whole day, whether doing sports, gardening, cycling, ANYTHING 🤩

Since the eyeliner is waterproof, I use the  Youology personalized cleanser and the Younique cleanser stick, so the eyeliner comes off easily.

Application is now very easy for me, just draw the eyeline, put your eyelashes on, done and they stay on!!!

I'm done faster than putting on mascara.

I feel completely comfortable, more womanly and radiate this too 🥰.

I can highly recommend these great eyelashes from the bottom of my heart. Just see yourself at CV Beauty, try out one of the subtle eyelashes, for example, and then you'll see why all the other technologies on the market are superfluous!

For me, these lashes are just perfect ♥️ Easy to apply, last over 12 hours and the lashes can be reused up to 60 times.

No scratching on the eye thanks to the skin-friendly cotton band, and the eyelashes all look fantastic and, above all, natural.

For me it was the best decision of my life 🥰.

And now I'm sitting here again. In my wellness oasis, and love looking into the mirror again!.

Yours,  Mandy

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