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Paraben-free eyeliner. Lasts 24 hours. Apply 30-60x


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Angelina Eyelashes Angelina Eyelashes

Angelina Eyelashes

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Bella Eyelashes


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I think we can all agree that the couture eyeliner should stay YES and I love Athena.

— Karyn G. über ATHENA Wimpern

testimonials photo

For the girls who are new here ... you will see your eyelashes are super easy to apply and you will never want to be without them again❣️

— Ines M. über LAILA Wimpern

testimonials photo

My first attempts ... I've only been trying out Dina eyelashes for a week, and you absolutely don't notice you're wearing false eyelashes. I am absolutely thrilled!

— Laura D über Dina Wimpern

testimonials photo

At first I had doubts about the distance between the hairs, but please have a look at Grace's eyes mega smooth and well thought out with the small hairs between the longer hairs, I am in love again so elegant!

— Veronika J. über Grace Wimpern

testimonials photo

Me with Iris and CV Box. Have a wonderful day, everything without a filter.

— Daniela W. über Iris Wimpern

testimonials photo

Happy with the Angelinas today. Tried the new couture eyeliner for the first time. At the moment I find the pencil even easier to use, but everything takes practice and the eyelashes are super-classy. Just done it this morning next to two small children...

— Elvram R über Angelina Wimpern

testimonials photo

The eyelashes not only refine your eyes, but also the eyelash boxes look great as a decoration on any dressing table or dresser. For me, they always belong in my handbag because you never know!

— Sarah über Selene Wimpern

testimonials photo

Extreme test! Yesterday 18 hours Bella with the new couture eyeliner and today 14 hours including a 1.5 hour sports program, shower and even a little power napping at lunchtime! I can only say, dear CV Beauty Team: Top! No other eyelashes for me & eyeliners! I am very enthusiastic.

— Jessica G. über Bella Wimpern

testimonials photo

My great love: CV Beauty Lashes. After desperate attempts to attach magnetic eyelashes, I came across CV Beauty by chance. The headline said "without magnets, without glue". My first thought was "Sure that it will never work..." I am enthusiastic about the quality, look and feel of the eyelashes, so beautiful and soft and also about the Magic Eyeliner, which I can tolerate very well despite my many allergies.

— Stephie B. über Mystique Wimpern

testimonials photo

Wait what..... !!!! So, now I've dared to approach Shanti! Man, they are awesome!!!!

— Jennifer B. über Shanti Wimpern

testimonials photo

Dear CVBeauty Team, I would like to thank you very much for your great products, which make me very happy. I finally have the beautiful, strong eyelashes that I have always wanted... I feel really well taken care of, because no matter what concerns I have, you are at my side with help and advice.

— Mandy R über Aurora Wimpern